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Digital Illustration

Andy Hook is a web designer, front-end developer and digital illustrator from East Sussex

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Email Design

Design & Development

Design and development of bulletproof, cross-reader compatible email campaigns for a diverse range of clients.

During my time at TJC we had the pleasure of working with a huge variety of clients on a range of email focused marketing campaigns. When used correctly, email marketing is a very effective tool and we would always strive to produce designs that would not only achieve business objectives and marketing goals but were also visually compelling and really pushed the limits of (limited) email technology.

From brief through to design conception, development, data handling, campaign launch and ROI reporting, we handled every aspect of the process to the highest standard.

About Me

My name is Andy Hook, I’m a digital illustrator, web designer & front-end developer currently based in East Sussex.

I am a dedicated, enthusiastic and highly-motivated web professional with over 5 years commercial design and development experience. Formally educated in fine art, illustration and graphic design. I have spent over 10 years working with the Adobe suite of creative applications. I have a passion for art and design, specifically how these disiplines can integrate with modern web technology.

I believe that good design is always in service of the user and it's my job to ensure that a project achieves both its business objectives and the needs of its users above all else.

This site was built using Metalsmith, styles written in SASS and modular Javascript developed with RequireJS. For those interested, the souce code is available on Github. If you have any questions let me know.

Responsive Web Design

Coupling aesthetic design sensibilities with user experience and front-end development allows me to build the best possible online experience from concept all the way to code delivery.

Digital Illustration

By using modern Wacom input tools combined with traditional illustration and artistic techniques I deliver compelling digital illustration for both web and print media.

Front-End Development

Utilizing the latest pre-processing technology, client side build tools and CSS architectural methodologies I produce clean, modular front-end code and mobile first web solutions.