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Andy Hook is a designer & front-end developer based in Brighton, UK.

Selected Work

TJC Identity

Graphic Design

A fresh new look, sleek but familiar identity, professionally finished stationery and recognisable signage for research company TJC.

While working as a member of the design team at TJC, I was tasked with the full redesign and refresh of the company brand, stationery and signage.

By drawing from features of the local geographic area as well as iconic landmarks I was able to create a sleek and professional feel whilst paying homage to the roots of the company. The importance of the acronym could not to be understated as it was established that most, if not all clients referred to the company exclusively as "TJC". This lead to the conception of a unique monogram that is both distinct yet easily recognizable to existing clients and local businesses in the region.

About Me

I'm Andy Hook, a designer & front-end developer based in Brighton, UK.

Web professional with over 8 years of commercial design and development experience. Formally educated in fine art, digital design and illustration. I specialise in front-end and UI with a focus on scalable CSS architecture, modular JavaScript, systems driven design, interaction prototyping and browser performance.

I believe that good design is always in service of the user and it's my job to ensure that a project achieves both its business objectives and the needs of its users above all else.

If you have any questions feel free to get in touch.

Responsive Web

Deep knowledge and understanding of responsive web layout, browser features and optimising for the mobile web.

Digital Design

More than 10 years of experience working with the Adobe suite of creative applications, designing specifically for digital displays.

Front-End Development

Detail orientated front-end developer experienced in delivering clean, well reasoned, modular and performant front-end code.